What is PFD Contemporary Art?

PFD Contemporary Art is owned and managed by Peter Demers, with locations in Chatham, MA and Paris, France. For over 15 years, PFD Contemporary has helped shape the careers of emerging artists, including Steve Lyons, now recognized as one of the leading contemporary artists in the U.S. Under guidance by Peter Demers, the art dealership has also included creating licensing opportunities for various artists with major home store brands in the U.S., including Crate & Barrel.


Today, PFD Contemporary Art manages the career of Lyons as well as representing numerous other artists and photographers in the U.S. and Europe. The art dealership is recognized for having secured European exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Sitges, Madrid, Barcelona, and Naples.


PFD's roster of talent includes photographers Bobby Baker, Scott Farrell, and Thomas Jorion. Painters and conceptual artists include Nick Heaney, Logan Dibble, Boston Logan, Emmett Twohey, and others. The European coordinator oversees the growth of European based artists in association with the online gallery and art dealership. PFD has placed art in private homes throughout the world.

Peter Demers

For over fifteen years Peter Demers has overseen the development of careers of emerging artists located in Northeastern United States. He began his art dealership in the art colony of Provincetown, Massachusetts, where he was an integral part of the art scene, providing consulting services to new and established talent as well as art collectors. He is recognized as having helped launch the career of Steve Lyons, one of the leading contemporary painters in the U.S. In 2016, he launched a European tour of Lyons' work including exhibitions at universities, cultural centers and museums, and oversaw the establishment of The Steve Lyons Gallery as part of the ME Hotels and Resorts cultural outreach program. His work has helped establish relationships for  U.S. talent in Berlin, Paris, Sitges, Barcelona, Madrid, and Naples. Demers has a Ph.D. in organizational management from the University of Massachusetts and worked as the creator and strategic developer of the first educational collaborative in the United States and new media for education companies looking to enhance their product with new media creative.